Guide for Authors


Guide for Authors

Manuscript Submission

Manuscripts should be submitted through Journal website.


The journal's language is English. British English or American English spelling and terminology may be used. We appreciate any efforts that you make to ensure that the language is corrected before submission. This will greatly improve the legibility of your paper if English is not your first language.

Manuscript Presentation

Manuscript should containtitles such as: Abstract, Introduction, Materials & Methods, Results & Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgements and finally References. No other subheadings should be given in the manuscript.

Manuscripts should be typewritten with a font Times New Roman of 12 pt, leaving adequate margins on all sides to allow reviewers' remarks. Please double space all material. Number the pages consecutively with the first page containing:

Running head (shortened title)


Author(s) Full Name

Affiliation (s)

Full address for correspondence, including telephone number, fax number and e-mail address.



The text should include: Full Title, Author (s) Name and Address, an Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussions, Conclusion, Acknowledgement and References.


Please provide a short abstract of 150 to 250 words. The abstract should not contain any undefined abbreviations or references.

Key words

Please provide 3 to 5 key words.


Please avoid notes and foot prints.


Acknowledgements of people, grants, funds, etc. should be placed in a separate section before the References.


All publication cited in the text should be presented in the list of references following the text of the manuscript. In the text refer to the authors' name (without initials) and year of publication (e. g. Williams, 2004). For three or more authors use the first author followed by et al., in the last. The list of references at the end of the manuscript should contain all cited works which referred them in the text and should be arranged alphabetically according to the authors' names and chronologically per author: The list of references should be given in the following style:

1. Journal article:

King A.W., Johnson, A.R. and O’Neill, R.V., 1991. Transmutation and functional representation of heterogeneous landscapes, Landscape Ecology 5(4), 239-253.


Holliday, V.T., Garner, W.G., 2007. Methods of soil P analysis in archaeology, Journal of Archaeological Science 34: 301-333.


Johnson, C. D., Kohler, T. A., and Cowan, J., 2005. Modeling historical ecology, thinking about contemporary systems, American Anthropologist 107: 96–107.

(Journals names could be indicated in abbreviated forms. You may find the list in: ).

2. Book chapter:

Hodder, I., 2002. The social in archaeological theory: an historical and contemporary perspective in, Meskell, L. and Preucel, R. W., (eds.), companion to social archaeology, Oxford, Blackwell, pp. 23-42.

3. Book, authored:
Feure, B., 2016, Border and frontier in archaeology, North Carolina, Mac Farland and Company Inc., Publisher.

 4. Book, edited: 
Lamberg-Karlovsky, C.C., (ed.), Archaeological thought in America, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

5. Proceedings of a conference:
Nishiaki, Y., 2013. A reappraisal of the Pottery Neolithic flaked stone assemblages of Tall-i Jari B, the Fars, Southwest Iran. In: F. Borrell, J. Ibáñez, and M. Molist (eds.), The Proceedings of the International Conference PPN7, Barcelona: University of Barcelona, Pp. xx.

 6. Dissertation (Thesis):
Ahmed, K. M., 2012, The beginnings of ancient Kurdistan (c. 2500- 1500 BC): a historical and cultural synthesis, PhD Dissertation, Leiden University.

All photographs, graphs and diagrams should be referred to as a 'Figure' and they should be numbered consecutively (1, 2, etc.). Multipart figures ought to be labeled with lower case letters (a, b, etc.). Please insert keys and scale bars directly in the figures. Provide a detailed legend (without abbreviations) to each figure, refer to the figure in the text and note its approximate location in the margin. Figures should be submitted in separate files. The resolution of each figure must at least be 300 dpi. jpg and tiff files are accepted. Figures that are prepared by excel should be send along with their source of data. Please avoid giving Figures as Fig.1a, Fig.1b, etc. Each Figure should stand alone.


Each table should be numbered consecutively (1, 2, etc.). In tables, footnotes are preferable to long explanatory material in either the heading or body of the table. Such explanatory footnotes, identified by superscript letters, should be placed immediately below the table. Please provide a caption (without abbreviations) to each table, refer to the table in the text and note its approximate location in the manuscript. The same data should not be presented simultaneously in tables and figures.

Review process

The objective is to provide detailed, constructive feedback on submitted papers and publish high quality papers within a very short period of time. The target for a first reply is three months. You may be requested by the Editor to submit a revision. Please assist us in achieving our ambitious goals for short publication times by submitting a revision at your earliest convenience.


Authors will be asked, upon acceptance of an article, to transfer copyright of the article to the Publisher. This will ensure the widest possible dissemination of information under copyright laws.

The submitted materials may be considered for inclusion but cannot be returned.


Editors of the Journal reserve the right to accept, reject and edit any article in any stage, if necessary. The sole responsibility for the whole contents if the article remains only with the authors.