Aims and Scope


The Journal of Archaeological Research in West Asia (JARWA) is an International and a peer-reviewed publication of the Institute of Archaeology University of Tehran, Iran. The Journal contains research articles, fieldwork reports and major syntheses and analyses, addressing archaeological theory and method applied to all periods of the human past from earliest prehistory to recent times. The journal focuses its attention on the very well-known regions of civilization cradle that most of which are located in the west Asia including countries extending from the eastern Mediterranean coasts to the Central Asia. It also provides examples of the application of the latest approaches and directions in archaeological research of global interest and relevance.

To this end, the aim of this journal is to offer a platform for the researchers throughout the world to swiftly publish, share and discuss new findings and developments in the various areas of archaeology and archaeological sciences with a special emphasis on the evolutionary cultural processes of the peoples who are now subjected to Old World Archaeology research. This journal is an official publication of the University of Tehran. The Editors will welcome contributions from all parts of the World focused on the West Asia region and interactions with neighboring regions. All papers are published in printed and electronic versions and DOI is attributed to each article.